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Refrigeration Classification, Properties, and Selection

Posted on: January, 2020

The perfect refrigerant does not exist, and no refrigerant is good for every application. Consequently, […]

Ammonia Machinery Room Ventilation Requirements

Posted on: January, 2020

OBJECTIVE To ensure safety by checking and preventing the accumulation of refrigerant in the machinery […]

10 Best Practices of Design & Operation of Ammonia Relief Valves System for DTC Employees

Posted on: January, 2020

1. Follow Industry’s & Company’s Best Safety Practices. Safety is always our FIRST PRIORITY. Follow […]

Refrigeration Codes and Standards

Posted on: January, 2020

A Standard can be defined as a set of technical definitions and guidelines – or […]

Ammonia Refrigeration Terminologies and Acronyms

Posted on: January, 2020

This is our exhaustive list of refrigeration terms and industry acronyms. download the full bulletin […]