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Experts in Air Control

DualTemp Clauger specializes in process climate-controlled environments. From design to installation, DualTemp Clauger is your partner for the best technical solution that will guarantee an optimum control of temperature, humidity, filtration, air velocity or positive pressure of your facility among other parameters.

Together with the equipment selection DualTemp Clauger manufactures, we also offer a range of software solutions to control and monitor the system. This allows us to be proactive in case of issues that affect your operations, minimizing risk of downtime.


Hygienic Environments & Air Flow Management

DualTemp Clauger creates the ideal atmospheric conditions for your manufacturing and process rooms: temperature control, humidity control and constant, controlled air flow. Our objective is to provide and install products that complement each other to create an optimized, quality built system.

Another area of expertise offered to clients is air contamination management. Our team reduces contamination risks and guarantees a desired level of dust accumulation for more sensitive environments. A variety of solutions and products are available for all needs and situations.


  • EcoCTA is Clauger's hygienic, light-weight air handler


Fast Cooling Tunnels & Cells

Clauger developed equipments specific to the quick cooling of static products. The cooling cell allows for an individualized management of the product cooling time adapted to production constraints.

A patented impermeability system improves the efficiency of the products cooling:

Reduction in cooling time

Homogenous cooling of products

Optimization of the energy consumption