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Industrial Refrigeration Solutions

Depending on the desired level of temperature, of the power and of an application (liquids cooling, fluid distribution, heat production, etc.), Clauger designs a solution adapted to the needs of the industrial producer.

Our team of in-house professionals are experts at designing the most efficient and cost-effective refrigeration systems in the Food & Beverage Industry. Whether it’s for a new or existing facility, our team will work with you to understand the need and provide a robust design with low-energy use, low maintenance and installation costs. We are informed of the latest federal and state regulations and help our customers maintain compliance. We are current on the newest technologies, including natural refrigerants and R22 substitutes, to ensure we provide you with information and recommendations that consider all of the latest options.

  • EcoSkid, the latest addition to our high energy efficiency Skids
    EcoSkid, the latest addition to our high energy efficiency Skids


Energy Efficiency and Savings

Clauger offers an innovative approach to ensure the energy efficiency of its installation that combines the concepts of energy savings and storage. Our E-Portal allows clients to have real-time information on their site’s usage. Custom reports and analysis are generated to identify optimization opportunities in systems.

Our teams address energy storage as the optimization of accumulated power. This is in line with the logic behind energy efficiency (to obtain the lowest delta between the energy source and the returned stored energy). It also means to use this stored energy to improve the energy consumption performances of the compressors (to operate at full capacity and to limit regulation).

Retrofit your system

In a global effort to become greener, the EPA has began the phase-out of HCFCs, like R22. In 2020, R22 will no longer be manufactured or imported into the United States. If this change affects your

installation, certain decisions need to be made and your options should be understood.

DualTemp Clauger can help clients to understand potential options. Our team strives to provide clients with a smooth transition during this change, offering support throughout the process, from decision-making, installation and maintenance. To understand your options, call our team today.