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Posted on: August, 2020

The mission of DualTemp Clauger’s 3E department is to provide sustainable, efficient solutions that are within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

3E Energy Incentive Project: Overview

DualTemp Clauger’s 3E team worked with a Chicago-based logistics company to receive energy incentives. Our team worked directly with ComEd and the client to ensure an optimal solution with maximum incentives. The project included the replacement of an old condenser with an energy efficient solution.

Our Solution

  • Comprehensive system study
  • Detailed analysis on refrigeration system performance
  • Recommended quick wins & system optimization (low & no-cost actions)
  • Identified low-cost capital upgrades
  • Estimated energy savings & worked with ComEd to receive cash incentives
  • Supported client in combining no-cost operational changes & condenser efficiency upgrades, resulting in more incentives

The client received 15% of the total budget in incentives. The project provided annual cost savings of nearly $27,000.

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