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DualTemp Clauger offers quarterly training by OSHA accredited instructors. These classes can help prepare Management & Employees in the event that an emergency occurs, as well as satisfy requirements established by OSHA for training.

DualTemp Clauger offers the following safety training classes:

Safety Equipment
DualTemp Clauger is a leader in safety equipment distribution and expertise. As a Mine Safety Appliance (MSA) distributor, our experts can support all your hazmat requirements through our strong network of suppliers. Some of these include:

MSA Safety LLC

  • Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, Respirators, Gas Masks, Head & Fall Protection.

Kappler, Inc

  • All levels of protective apparel for the industrial market place including Level A & B Hazmat Suits.

Calibration Technologies and Honeywell Analytics

  • Permanent and Portable chemical surveillance and detection.

DualTemp Clauger’s network allows us to serve you as a “one-stop shop” for all of your HAZMAT & Industrial Refrigeration Safety Supply needs.